Tasseography: the art of reading future with tea leaves

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Tasseography (from French “tasse“, cup) is a divinatory practice which consists in reading tea grounds. This practice, developed in Europe with the importation of Tea from China, spread at first in the upper class because to do it, it was necessary to get the precious tea leaves. As time went by, it also spread among the common people.

How to read tea leaves

Ready to learn all the secrets of this art?
n order to do at the very best of this divination practice, it is necessary to have red tea leaves and a white cup. It is not allowed the use of a strainer in order for the leaves to settle at the bottom.

Once the drink is finished, it is necessary to turn the cup 3 times in a clockwise direction and turn it upside down on the saucer in order for the tea leaves to fall down and reveal our destiny!

Cup and tea grounds

Love, health, respect: tea reveals everything

Now you’ve got the leaves in front of you – how do you read them?
Here are some shapes that tea leaves can take:
f you see a CIRCLE it means that love will soon enter your life or that you are aloved by people around you;
The ACORN brings health and prosperity into your life, while the NEEDLE brings respect from the people around you.

If you see the shape of an EYE, it means that you need to pay attention to something that will happen. But no fear or anxiety.

After all… Tasseography is just a good excuse to enjoy a cup of tea!


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