Tea Soul, created by professionals and lovers of tea and tea culture. It is a community of connoisseurs of high quality original products, lovers of good taste and the variety of flavors and compositions of tea.


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Our company presents the best choice and assortment of tea, grown and produced in an ecologically clean mountain area. All products are carefully checked and selected by our team of experts and tea sommeliers, who guarantee the highest quality.

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Our accessories

Through material tests, it was found that the qualities of the containers influence the taste of the tea. In other words, each material creates a unique aroma and taste. Teas with different degrees of fermentation are best suited to different teapots. The perfect teapot can brew a tea with perfect palate sensation. We love tea and therefore we live and work according to the motto – The perfect teapot for the perfect infusion.

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About the founder

“My Asian adventure began over 12 years ago. I had a fantastic experience in the tea trade, which has become my passion and part of my life to this day. I was fascinated by the many types of tea and their flavors, which had a harmonious combination with everyday life. Also, I deeply felt that the Yin and Yang philosophy works perfectly here as well. I really appreciate the natural materials of tea accessories that are common in Eastern custom. I had the chance to create a long-term relationship with tea producers, learning all the secrets, going deep into the details of the shapes, flavors and colors, thus gaining the knowledge and experience of thousands of years of a ancient culture. And I have decided to share my experience and knowledge with you ”.

Anastasia Bessarab, Tea Soul founder



Tea in our everyday life

Tea has become an inalienable part of a healthy lifestyle. In traditional Chinese medicine, tea is considered the most beneficial of all herbs and the only one that can be consumed daily. In Chinese culture, it is said that one can go without food for a day, but not a day without tea. It is easy to underestimate the cultural importance of tea and the fact that this importance has long been central to health, before the pleasure of consuming this drink was considered. It is well known in China that tea stimulates mental clarity and calms emotions. It tones up the vital energy, while relaxing the muscles and relieving fatigue.