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Green tea perhaps the most popular tea in China and all the world. It is grown in many provinces of the Celestial Empire. And there is indeed a huge number of varieties of green teas.

All of them differ to one degree or another from one another, but at the same time are united in one group of green, because the methods of their processing are very similar.

Its processing takes several hours. And it practically does not undergo mechanical influence. Above him they conjure carefully and with love.

The purpose of green tea is to maximize the integrity of the leaf. And visually the quality of tea is determined by how consistent and beautiful is tea leaf. For this reason such tea never packaged in a vacuum. Almost all teas are produced not from the tea leaves, but from the tea bud, the uppermost young sprout. They are labor-intensive and very tender. This kind of tea have light flower flavors, wonderful tastes and vegetable notes in after-taste. A good tea is divinely pleasant!

It is a mistake to assume that everything that is green is green tea. No, it’s not. White teas, yellow teas and light Oolongs are also green. But they do not belong to the group of green teas.

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Organic Bancha Green Tea 50 gr

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