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Zhejiang Province China is located in the east of the country. It is one of the leading regions, which produces about a quarter of all Chinese tea and therefore resembles one large tea plantation. Tea is grown almost throughout its territory, except for small coastal islands and five counties that border Shanghai in the north.

This unique area has a mild subtropical climate and fertile soils, as if nature itself has created optimal conditions for growing tea. The province mainly produces green teas, which account for more than a third of the total production, and the rest is loose pu-erh and red teas. The world-famous Longjing Dragon Well tea is also produced here. It is brewed directly in the cup and is not “washed”, that is, the first water is not drained, as when brewing other varieties. But its taste is unique.

In the province, in 1991, the first and only state tea museum was opened in the city of Hangzhou. The huge collection presented there represents all stages of the development of Chinese tea culture.