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Benefits of tea

Tea is one of the most popular drinks all over the world for its pleasant taste and the many beneficial properties it gives.
Although the health benefits have been attributed to tea consumption since the beginning of its history, scientific research on this drink and its components has only been ongoing for 30 years (McKay and Blumberg 2002, Gardner, Ruxton and Leeds 2007 ).
The consumption of tea, especially green tea, has been linked to the low incidence of chronic diseases in which stress is involved…

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Tea accessories

Gong Fu Cha, or the Chinese tea ceremony, originates in the Fujian region, known to still be one of the main tea production areas, some of which are of high quality.

To perform the Gong Fu Cha ritual in the best possible way, a series of accessories are needed, in this section you can find everything you need, cups, Gaiwan, teapots, bamboo tongs and much more.

Discover your style, browse the materials and choose the tea set you like best.

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Frollini al Tè Nero Chai

These cookies have a classic crunchy shortbread taste with a spicy hint given by chai tea.

Matcha Tea Pancakes

Pancakes are typical American breakfast pastries and are traditionally served with maple syrup, but also with fresh fruit, honey or jam.

Tanabata or Festival of Stars in Love

Il Tanabata (七夕) che significa “settima notte“, è una festa tradizionale giapponese derivata dall’equivalente festival cinese.

Deepening: tea and books

This is a list of books on tea that have surpassed books and introduced new content on the subject, in English.